PvZGW2 Countdown: Sunflower

Blooming Pain.

The healer who saves the plants from the Zombies in PvZGW2 is the Sunflower an she is no easy push over.

The name of the game is to heal and this beauty can do just that thanks to the Heal Beam and Heal Flower. It let you remain mobile while you are keeping your allies alive.

Zombies should not forget about the Sun Pulse which can tick away at your health and put you back in the ground.


Favorite Ability: The one at the top of our list for the Sunflower is the Rainbow Heal Beam. This pretty beam of light does the job when it comes to healing your team.

Least Favorite Ability: The one which stuck out the most was the Dark Flower. In theory, extra damage is nice, but the heal flower turns out to be too important for your survival.

Favorite Variant: The Shadow Flower is our favorite variant, thanks to it’s cool look and ability to dish out decent damage while healing.

Least Favorite Variant:While it may look cool, the Mystic Sunflower did not earn enough favor with us when it came to holding its own against the other variant.s

Which Sunflower is your favorite or least favorite one to play?



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