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PvZGW2: New Plant Characters Review

In the upcoming Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, there are going to be some new character editions, including 3 new plant characters. We have already shared our analysis of the trailer so now we thought it was time to take a closer look at the new characters.

Kernel Corn The new plant character looks like he will be primarily dealing with ranged damage. His main weapons are the Cob Busters, which are a pair of automatic guns that shoot kernels turned into popcorn.

The Kernel has three interesting abilities. Butter Barrage lets you use a hot potatoe to act as a homing target for butter bombs. Another one is Husk Hop, which gives your Kernel Corn flight. The last one for this new plant character is Shuck Shot. This ability allows you to charge up and shoot two explosive corn cobs.

Pvzgw2 CitronCitron – The time traveling bounty hunter looks ready to take on the zombie forces in PvZGW2. The primary weapon for this new plant character is the Orange laser, which fires a concentrated orange plasma beam.

What makes this guy special is his abilities. EMPeach is perfect to take out the Imp & Z-Mech while stunning other zombies. Citron Mode gives you super fast spin dash attack. The third ability is the Energy Shield which absorbs all incoming attacks but allows you to shoot through it.

Rose – She may be pretty to look at, but this new plant character is gonna be a tough cookie. Her primary weapons are Magic Thistles that will seek out their target automatically and implode on contact.

Time Snare is the first ability of the Rose and it will prove to be useful as it distorts time and temporarily blinds any zombie caught in its path. Arcane Enigma lets you transform into pure energy and move quicker. Goatify should prove to be useful as it will allow you to turn enemy zombies into, well goats.

Based on what we have learned, Citron appears to be at the top of our list for these new Plant characters from PvZGW2. Who do you think will be your favorite?

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