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PvZGW2: Our New Zombie Characters Review

The New Zombie Characters are intriguing.

The release of PvZGW2 is near and it was time to share our new zombie characters review. This this time around we get to see an interesting mix of characters eager to eradicate the plants from existence.

If case you missed our previous discussion on the new Plant characters, other on with the show.

Super_BrainzSuper Brainz

This zombie features an offensive powerhouse who is eager to stomp out the plants either with his Heroic Fists or Heroic Fist Laser for a ranged attack.

Heroic Kick lets you close the distance before you send the plant flying. His Super Ultra Ball is the perfect tool to knock a plant off its tower.

The most impressive one appears to be Turbo Twister which will deliver a barrage of damaging punches.


Captain DeadbeardCaptain_Deadbeard

The Captain is not a zombie to be messed with thanks to his long range expertise. He can open with his powerful Scruvy Scatter or decided speed is important with the Spy Glass Shot.

This new zombie character can use Parrot Pal which allows him to take to the skies in a robot parrot to attack from the sky. Maybe the Cannon Rodeo is your style, letting you ride a cannon while pelting the plants with cannon balls.

If things get to hairy, you can do the Barrel Blast, which lets the Captain hideaway from the enemies.

Imp & Z-MechImp_ZMech

This became a favorite of Power Boy the moment he saw him. The Imp has his own Imp Blasters to shoot down those pesky plants.

Even better, if he uses Impkata he will be allowed to duel blast and shoot in a 360 arc. Or you can can use Gravity Grenade to hold your enemies in place.

Then there is Robo Call, which gets you the Z-Mech. With it you can use your Robo Laser for rapid laser fire.

Use your Robo Stomp for up close and personal attacks. Maybe Missile Madness is more your speed with a barrage of missiles. If you get in trouble, use your Explosive Escape if the Z-Mech has taken too much damage.

Don’t forget, you get the special Grass Effect Z7_Mech if you preorder the game.

Which of the new zombie characters is at the top of your list to try out when PvZGW2 comes out?

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