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R-Rated Superhero Don’t Need to Be The Norm

R-rated Superhero

The success of recent movies in the comic book genre have fans clamoring for more of it.

The one thing we do not want to see is R-rated superhero movies becoming the norm rather than the exception to what we have seen in the last decade.

Yeah, Deadpool and Logan were better than expected but for different reasons. Logan’s claws are going to do damage and muting what it does takes away some of the effectiveness. Deadpool lives and dies by his mouth and there is none like it.

But there are a few characters where a R-rated superhero movie would make sense.

Red Hood

The Jason Todd incarnation is perfect fit for this movie rating. Between the weapons he likes to use and the methods used to deter crime, he would be a hit on the big screen.


We have heard a lot of fans saying Batman needs to have a movie with an R rating. Frankly we do not see it. He does not use a lot of gadgets to cause graphic violence nor does he swear like a sailor. Personally if they went this path, we think it would more have to do with one of his villains rather than the Dark Knight.


There are some bad guys in the Marvel universe, but there are none like these two. Sure we have seen different variations of Venom and Carnage but they both have versions that would see definite success from a R-rating. Each symboite have shown to be quite violent in terms of their blood-lust for Spider-man. The only problem we see  with this would be if Disney owns the rights to both characters.


The 1997 movie was okay but scored a PG-13 rating and felt like it was stifled. The character and who he deals with require more than what this rating can offer.  The Toodfather is even on record he would like to see what they could do by unleashing Spawn.

Are there any R-rated superhero movies you would like to see?

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