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Raid Shadow Legends Can Be Daunting

Raid Shadow Legends Review

This mobile game is our first experience with Plarium and it is a mixed bag depending on who plays.

We finally had the chance to get around to Raid Shadow Legends, which was created by Plarium, and now we wished we had started it sooner.

Plarium has created other games like Vikings: War of Clans and Pirates, so we were curious about giving this one a chance.

Though it is not on the same page as Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in terms of popular content, there is an appeal to it based on the game play we have seen.

On to our Raid Shadow Legends Review.


  • If you are looking for a story driven game, Raid is right up your alley.  The company has brought in some solid talent to create a world you can get lost in.
  • The character design holds it own. Each one is well thought out and is tied in with other character from their race. This does bring up an issues we will be touching on down below.
  • The game play is better than average and provides enough to make you research strategies. Like how you want to approach raids, dungeons, etc.


  • The sheer amount of characters. It does provide more game play potential down the road, but there is a lot here to breakdown. Perhaps it would have been better to open certain groups once you reached set points in the game.
  • Constant barrage of special deals. We know the majority of their profit comes from in-game purchases. But Plarium needs to be more proactive and effective with their ad strategy. Otherwise you can run the risk of losing some people.
  • We are huge fans of skill customization when it comes to gaming. But like with the number of characters there is a lot to unfold here. It might be different if it was an open world environment but since you are dealing with a mobile game, it came be daunting.


This game has potential and is worth checking out. We think you can have some fun with it without spending money on it. If you are someone who wants to be at the top of the food chain, you can expect to spend some hard earned money in Raid.

If you have been playing the mobile game, share with us your Raid Shadow Legends Review.

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