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Ralph Breaks the Internet Has Potential

Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph returns for another adventure on the big screen but can it raise the stakes from the first one.

Wreck It Ralph surprised movie goers when it first came out, resulting in Disney creating the sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet.

When we first caught a glimpse of this movie, we were intrigued and added it to our must see movies of the year. Thanks to an early screening at MJR we had a chance to check it out.

One good thing about the movie is that you don’t have to have seen the first one. This movie works on its own. There is enough of a story there to keep newer people entertained. We did like the direction the story took as it did not revisit the original movie.

There was some product placement in terms of social media giants, but the movie focused on fabricated ones. While this is good, you have to wonder how many of the bigger giants are no longer around in tn plus years.

We did like some of the interesting cameos in the movie, including Stan the man.

There are a few things we were not thrilled about.

The newer characters, like Yess and Shanks, seemed like they had bigger potential but never lived up to it. They served more as a sounding board to the two main characters to help support their decisions.

Several parts of the movie seemed slow and drawn out to act as a filler. We think they could have been served better had they focused more on the newer characters and create more of a plot.

Also, while we like there was no twist villain, there wasn’t anyone to root against. You had the creation at the end which acted liked the bad guy but it was more a result of what Ralph and Venlope did not have in side.

Overall, this movie is worth watching once but you could wait until it comes out on DVD.

Let us know what you thought of Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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