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Ranking All The Skylander Games

We thought before Skylanders SuperChargers came out, we wanted to share our views by Ranking All The Skylander Games.

Before we discuss this, here are a few of the things we looked at to help determine where they placed. The originality of the game, the game mechanics, and playability. So without further stalling, here are the ranking, starting with the worst.

4) Skylanders Giants – There always has to be someone on the bottom and Giants takes the honor. The game did not capture our attention like the original and while the introduction of the Giant figures was welcome, there was not much to it. Had they release the mini Skylander figures here instead of later on, it would have changed the game.

3) Skylanders Swap Force – On the surface, we thought this game might end closer to the top but then we realized it was more like a one trick pony. Being able to create different character combinations was fun but it was slightly rewarding. When it came to the Boss battle, there was little to it.

2) Skylanders Spyro’s Adventures – When the game first came out, no one thought it would take the video game world by storm. The figures became hot items and sought after by kids and adults alike. This game was the true pioneer of similar games. In terms of a boss battle, the Kaos was the hardest one we have come across in the series.

1) Skylanders Trap Masters – This game threw a lot at us, from mini figures, Skylander Trap Masters, and the ability to capture villains on Trap stones. They did some reinventing of the game play and brought the game back to the same level of excellence as the first one.

Where will Skylanders SuperChargers end up? Who knows but in the mean time, let us know your Ranking All the Skylanders Games.

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