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Ranking the Ben 10 Series

Ben 10 Series

The newest reboot of Ben 10 brought up an interesting question, which incarnation is the best of the series?

JJG13 Gamer and I sat down to rank the Ben 10 series by reviewing the five series focused on Ben Tennyson and sharing our thoughts.

The series created by Man of Action has been around since 2005 and has captured the attention of fans for several reasons.

It all starts with the main hero Ben and the supporting cast. Over the years, the show has brought depth to the character and makes the audience want him to succeed.

Also there were the various alien forms Ben was able to turn into. Some might have missed the marked, but the majority of them like Heatblast and Ghost Freak were unique and entertaining.

On to our ranking of the series.

1. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

This is the series is what captured the attention JG13 Gamer and kept him locked in. It followed what happened with Ben after he replaces his broken Omnitrix. The series created some interested new Aliens and upgraded versions that embodied the character perfectly. 

2. Ben 10 Omniverse

This series followed up what Ben did after Gwen and Kevin went off to college. The focus remained on the plumbers and his new partner Rook. Some of the villains were decent and most of the aliens were intriguing. It gained a slight edge into the second spot. 

3. Ben 10 Alien Force

This series picks up five years after the first Ben 10 series where the hero finds Omnitrix again. Ben;s group grows with the addition of Gwen and Kevin, a former enemy, as he gains new alien forms due to his age. The High Breeds were an interesting villain to follow throughout the series. 

4. Ben 10 

After he became a fan of the series, we went back to watch the first series of Ben 10. We like the direction they took with some of the villains but the aliens at times felt like they were lacking. Mayve it was due to the fact we had grown to more complex ones?

5. Ben 10 Reboot

Not even sure where to being with this one. We do enjoy them trying to bring it back but we feel they jumped the shark with this one. Made it seem like some of the more current shows, like Teen Titans and Steven Universe. Not sure if this series really helped keep the Ben 10 alive.

Where do things go from this reboot? Who knows, but we do think this is not the last we will see of Ben 10 and his alien forms.

Do you have a favorite Ben 10 series?

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