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Ranking the BFN Character Abilities

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The time has come for a deep dive into the game that current has our attention.

We wanted to take a look at the BFN Character Abilities to see which abilities were felt like a major pain and those that do not feel very annoying. 

The list itself was comprised from our experience while playing the game. You may see different styles while playing to it may count on the discrepancies. 

Before we get on to our discussion, here is our breakdown thanks to Tiermaker for Plans vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.

BFN Character Abilities


Here are a few abilities and the reasons why they were placed in the certain categories. 

Heal Beam (Reeeeeeeeee) it landed in this spot because there is currently a glitch where it will remain active if the Sunflower died. So apparently they can heal beyond the grave.

Parrot (Very Annoying)  Sure it is similar to the Garlic Drone. It does have a smaller hit box than the Garlic Drone. Don’t forget the Air Strike is one and done when taking out your opponents.

Out of Fight (Annoying) It offers Slide instant invincibility but thankfully it is not on par with Enigma where it lasts longer and gives you a Speed Boost. 

Rocket RIde / Navel Laser (Reeeeeeee / Annoying) What makes this both more annoying is how well is able to use them. You have a good chance getting sniped across the map by an AI Citron or 80’s.

Spell Disaster (Maybe on a Bad Day) Though it does need a homing nerf, we are hard pressed to being screwed over by it. Perhaps it is because how much time is spent playing Wizard. It could be more annoying if I played Acorn & Nightcap more often.

Sap Traps (Maybe on a Bad Day) They do work well when they manage to land but they are super inconsistent. On top of it, they can easily be avoided and are a breeze to destroy.

Let us know what changes you would make to the BFN Character Abilities list.

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