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Ranking the Spider-Man Movies

Spider-Man Movies

The time has come to lay out our thoughts on the film history of the iconic Marvel hero.

We decided to take a look at the six official Spider-Man movies and rank them from our favorite to the worst one.

As much as I would love to talk about my all-time fav, Spider-Man, I am going to jump into the list.

Spider-man: Homecoming

Thank goodness for Marvel’s footprint on this movie. The brought Spider-Man back where he should be and the new villain angle with Vulture was perfect. We only wished this could have happened sooner.

Spider-Man 2

This movie is like 1A to the Homecoming movie. Doc Ock was one of the best villains in the early super hero movie history and Toby was at his best. It was hard to find any major issues with this movie.


The first foray into the web crawler’s history was a great opener. Toby brought the character to life and the supporting case helped out. Green Goblin was a bit campy but still a worth while one.

Spider-Man 3

This movie was the worst one in the trilogy but could have been one of the best had they made a few better choices. If they did a better job with Venom, this movie would have rocked.

The Amazing Spider-Man

We never thought it was a good idea to make to start it over but Sony thought that had a hit. Garfield felt too old and they were off with how they had him play Spider-Man. In the end, this was a less than adequate one.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The movie had some potential going into it by making the decision to go with Electro, but it tried to add too many things at once. They made a mess of the Goblin and the Rhino and were thinking too far ahead to the Sinister Six.

So there you have it our quasi definitive rank until Spider-Man Far From Home comes out and throw this list for a loop.

Let us know what is your favorite and least favorite Spider-Man movies.






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