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Raziel Dungeon Arena Is Worth Your Time

Raziel Dungeon Arena

Brings a familiar feel to the mobile game world.

We stumbled across Raziel Dungeon Arena by Idrasoft while perusing the app store and we are lucky to have found this gem.

After we covered Man or Vampire, we were not sure if we could find another mobile game worthy of our time. We were wrong.

This game features a single player campaign spans 10 chapters and 60 levels. After you finish your way through the immersive story, there are other modes to try out. From survival mode, wanted quests, and longer form raid maps which help with replay ability. 

Each hero has 16 total skills from which to choose, and a huge talent tree to boot. There is an intense talent tree to let you tweak your character how you see fit. 

We were pleasantly surprised with this mobile game. 

The feel of the game reminds us of the Diablo series, especially their most recent edition. Aside from the angled scrolling, you can gain experiences bonus if you maintain a kill streak against a time.

The loot system is interesting. 

Aside from gathering new items to increase your abilities, you are able to collect costume pieces to have a difference appearance than the standard ware.

One of the most impressive aspects of the game is the graphics. Idrasoft did a solid job with everything on the screen, From the NPCs you interact with to the enemies you hack and slash through. 

The only downside came with the combat. While there are interesting attacks, we found us having little issue dispatching our foes. The boss at the end of the level was a little more challenging, but not enough to make us worry about surviving.

In the end, this is a game we would recommend for anyone looking for a good time sink.

If you had a chance to play Raziel Dungeon Arena, let us know what you think.


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