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Ready Steady Worm Coming 2021

Ready Steady Worm

Worm-racing is one of the grand past times of Labyrinth.

River Horse developer has added to their Labyrinth line with Ready Steady Worm, which is sure to be a unique board games in 2021.

This is the first time we have stumbled across the developer and that appears to be a major error on our part. Taking a look at their online catalog, they have some games we want to add to our collection. 

The game is simple. Four worms enter, four worms will leave but only one can be the winner.

Get ready to collect gems and use Goblin tricks to tip the odds in your favor, and remember, the Goblin King can twist everything in an instant by spinning the walls and changing the entire board.


Ready Steady Worm

At first glance, we love the design of the board. Though the shape is not as unique in recent years, there is something pleasing about the look of it.  We are also a fan of the miniatures.

For the game itself, it seems intriguing and offers some standard game play, but in a unique world. This is a game we could sit down with on a weekend night and get lost for an hour or so.

The game is a must have for fans of the Labyrinth world and a maybe for those who are new to it. We estimate a MSRP of $29 – $39 depending on the final product and fans should see it in 2021.

Will you be adding Ready Steady Worm board game to  your 2021 purchases? 

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