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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Recap of the Motor City Comic Con 2013

Iron Man Jr.,

The 2013 Motor City Comic Convention is in the books for us and we wanted to say we had a great time. Power Boy dressed up as Iron Man Jr, while Magnificent Mom wore her Goonies shirt and I donned a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt.

We had a chance to meet several artists offering their prints for sale and see some really creative cosplay costumes. Least we forget the chance, the chance we had  to peruse the various stalls in the place that had all kinds of unique toys.

We could have a chance to go and meet the man, Stan Lee on Saturday but we are lucky we missed out. Everyone reported the lines were crazy just getting into the parking lot, not to mention waiting to meet the man.

Power Boy with Jason Faunt

Power Boy was excited when he had a chance to meet former Red Ranger, Jason Faunt, from the Power Rangers Time Force series.

He told him to keep an eye out for the Power Rangers Megaforce series where he will be making a guest appearance later in the season.

Power Boy with R2D2

Power Boy saved his allowance since Christmas and had a chance to pick up a few choice toys to add to his collection. We will share those with you later this week.

On another down note, there was some issue with the media handlers, who gave guests a hard time just trying to meet one of the celebrities.

Overall, it was a fun even and hopefully we see the people at the Motor City Comic Convention come out and offer an apology to the debacle on Saturday. And yes Power Boy is said he is crazy excited to go.

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