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Regal Offering Batman v Superman Ultimate Ticket

Unlimited Batman v Superman theater viewings?

Regal theaters has decided to try something new this month and will be offering DC fans a chance to purchase a Batman v Superman ultimate ticket.

So what is an ultimate ticket?

This ticket will allow purchasers to receive one ticket to see Batman v Superman for each day during the entire run of the movie.

The program will run from March 24, 2016 to September 24, 2016. The cost for this ticket will be $100 plus shipping and handling.

The ticket will go on sale Monday, February 29th, and will be limited to 1,000 cards, which will consisted of a collectible card featuring the Batman v Superman logo.

Something else we noticed is you will not be able to use this ticket to purchase tickets online. You will need to present your ID when presenting the embossed card for use.

Batman V Superman Ultimate TicketOne has to wonder how many times you could see this movie?

If you figure the average ticket will cost you $12.00, you would have to see this movie 10 times to get your money back.

While we do expect the long awaited movie in theaters for some time, one has to wonder just how many times one person could sit through it.

We are sure some people will see the movie maybe five or six times, but we think that will be rare to a few movie goers.

There is no doubt Regal will sell out of these tickets, the question will remain if the purchasers got their money worth.

Would you consider purchasing the Batman v Superman ultimate ticket?

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