Reissue Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III Construction Version

Hot Toys reissuing one of their more impressive pieces.

They are teaming up with Sideshow to release their sixth scale Iron Man Mark III Construction Version in case you did not get a chance to grab it the first time around.

The highly accurate collectible is meticulously crafted based on the image of the Iron Man Mark III in Iron Man.

It measure approximately 39cm tall, it features fine sculpture with highly detailed wires, cables, computer board, and chains that connects to the armor; LED light-up functions design on eyes, arc reactor, and forearm; metallic colored painting on the armor; removable armor parts, and specially designed display.


The majority of the time, collectors prefer to have the entire figure when they are selecting a pieces. This is the one exception where we feel this would not be the exception. 

The attention to detail and the on point painting helps give life to the inanimate object that would standout on your shelf or desk. 

While this is an impressive piece, we only see Iron Man fans wanting to spend the money on adding it to their personal collection.

You can pre-order the Iron Man Mark III version from Sideshow for $195.00. The expected arrival date is July 2022 to Sept 2022. 

Will you considering picking up the Iron Man Mark III Construction version to add to your collection?

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