Resident Evil Pop Figures Arriving This Winter

Resident Evil

The good people at Funko continue with their awesome Pop Figures by drawing inspiration from a classic video game.

This time around they are tackling a survival horror video game franchise with these Resident Evil Pop figures.

The special police unit S.T.A.R.S discovered the hidden layer of Umbrella Corporation and soon found out they had created the T-Virus.

Their goal was to create a super bio-weapon but as with every super villain group, things tend to go wrong.


The set is going to include the following character from the game.

  • Jill Valentine
  • Leon S. Kennedy
  • Nemeis
  • The Licker
  • Hunter (Super Sized Pop – Game Stop Exclusive)
  • Tyrant (Super Sized Pop)
  • Glowing Tyrant (Super Sized Pop – Target Exclusive)


Here are some images of the Resident Evil Pop Figures.

Resident Evil Pop Figures 2

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Personally we love the look of Nemesis and the Tyrant Exclusive figures.

Let us know if you are going to pick up any of these Resident Evil Pop Figures.


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