Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 1 Available Now

Rick and Morty Trading Cards

Follow the zany antics of Rick and Morty pulled straight from season 1.

Cryptozoic Entertainment extended their reach by releasing the Rick and Morty Trading Cards Season 1 but we only wished they had done this sooner.

From the same makers who brought you the Gotham Trading card set and the Ghostbusters II board game, this time the focus is on Rick and Morty.

They have created a 45-card base set featuring episodic images from season 1 and featuring some of the following characters.

  • Rixty Minutes
  • Anatomy Park
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Scratch and Sniff
  • Standees
  • Stickers

As an added bonus, there are going to be autograph cards and sketch cards, though the insertion ratio has not been determined.  The following Autograph Signers will be featured.

  • Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith
    Rob Paulsen as Snuffles
    Ryan Ridley as Frank Palicky
    Phil Hendrie as Principal Vagina
    Jess Harnell as Ruben Ridley

You can find the Rick and Morty Trading Cards season 1 at your local retailers.

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