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Our Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

Royal Rumble 2018

The second biggest wrestling event of the year offers few interesting storylines.

The Royal Rumble 2018 will take place this Sunday and we are the first to admit how little buzz there seems to be about one of the big events of the year.

This is our third year watching the event since 2016 and it feels like just another PPV event. Just as with any wrestling event there is sure to be some buzz around it so we are not sure why it feels off. We are excited for bits of it but for the most part it feels like a filler event.

Last year we did a decent job with figuring out the direction the WWE creative team would go, but this one is a bit harder.We hope to see some title changes, but feel they will be lacking.

As always, we are by no means experts in the wrestling world, rather we just enjoy trying to figure out what they will do next. 

On to our Royal Rumble 2018 predictions.

CruiserWeight 6 Man Baby Faces vs the Heels

This is a prime example when it feels like they have no clue what to do with the cruiserweights. Things changed with what went down with Enzo so it should have opened the door to more opportunity. Instead we are left with a filler at best.

The Revival vs The Balor Club

This is a weird placement considering what happened during RAW this week. We would have liked for them to wait on this so it feels like a bigger match. Either way, the Revival will bounce back with a win.

Men’s Rumble Match

This match should have more sizzle to it but for now it does not. Many feel Roman is the eventual winner so he can face off at Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Others are rumbling John Cena or Daniel Bryan will do the surprise win to set up a different path for Reigns. We do hope it is the latter but for now we are going with Reigns.

Women’s Rumble Match

We are glad to see WWE moving forward with this. Even though, there appears to be 3 women at best who will win, Asuka, Nia Jax, and an outside the box choice Rhonda Rousey. It will be interesting to see if there are any major differences between both rumble matches but see Asuka or Rousey coming out the winner.

US Championship Open Challenge

This is one of the more interesting matches of the night. Who will the creative minds have show up to have Roode defend his title against? Definitely think it will be someone unexpected.

The Usos vs Chad Gable/Shelton Benjamin Smackdown Tag Team Championhip

The feud between these two teams is winding down with a match where it will probably take the third fall to determine the winner. Gable and Benjamin have been fun at times but the Usos are ready to move on with their belts.

Seth Rollings/Jason Jordan v the Bar Raw Tag Team Championship

This would be a completely different match if the Lunatic was around. Instead fans are stuck with Jordan who taking over as the most despised wrestler out there. Either way we don’t any reason for them to lose the titles.

A.J. Styles v Kevin Owens / Sami Zayn WWE Championship

This weird handicap match was set not for a chance for a title change but rather for the development of Daniel Bryan. We do not see how anyone wins outside of Styles.

Brock Lesnar v Kane v Braun Strowman Universal Championship

Why or why did they go the triple threat match. They would have been better off sticking with Kane or the Monster. Instead we have this jumbled mess with the outcome being a Lesnar win. It seems they are never going to figure out what to do with Strowman.

Let us know what are your Royal Rumble 2018 predictions are.

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