S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla vs Kong Are Perfect

S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla vs Kong

Perfect additions to your Kaiju collection.

S.H. Monsterarts Godzilla vs Kong figures were created based on the upcoming movie and would be a hard pass by diehard fans.

Instead of covering our favorite action figure creator, Storm Collectibles, we fell upon these figures to celebrate the release of the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong.

The figures will stand around six to seven inches tall with the following difference.

  • Godzilla will come with an extra pair of hands to help simulate grappling battles.
  • King Kong will have two extra pair of hands, along with an ax.

Not sold? Check out these images.

The detail the designers put into the figures deserves a round of applause.  Whether it is how realistic the minor details, like Kong’s fur or Godzilla’s spike, or their points of articulation, these figures are perfect for any display collection.

The only thing we would have preferred to see was the introduction of Mechagodzilla.

Honestly we expected the price to be closet to the $100 range, but instead you can find it at online retailers like Entertainment Earth for $67.99. You can expect to have these beauties in your hand before the Summer of 2021.

What do  you think of the S.H, Monsterarts Godzilla vs Kong figures?

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