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Same Old Stuff for WWE 2K16

The new WWE 2K16 is coming out on October 27th and call us crazy but right now it feels like the same old stuff.

The video game series has begun to take on similar aspects of similar sports themed games. Each year a new version comes out for WWE fans. Characters are added and removed while making small adjustments to the system.

There are a few things about WWE 2K16 that stuck out to us. One thing we do like is the change to the reversal system. Instead of being able to spam this move, you will have a limited number of them.

Also we love the idea of being able to attack your opponent when they are making their way to the ring.

One of the biggest speaking points for the game has been the size of the WWE roster, with 120 unique playable WWE superstars, an increase in the previous roster of 67. This should make things interesting but maybe not a huge selling point.

If you are like us, we have more fun creating our own wrestlers through their custom system than constantly playing as the current wrestlers.

We are disappointed to hear MyCareer mode is not going to be available on all systems, just the Xbox One and the PS4.

One thing we are curious about if you pre-ordered WWE 2K16, you will be able to play as one of the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminators from the first two movies.

No one has seen game play yet so it is hard to tell if this is going to be better than expected.

One last note is we are slightly confused why Stone Cold Steve Austin earned the cover spot for the game. We are not disputing the part he has in the history of the WWE, but considering he is not an active wrestler, it makes little sense.

Do you think WWE 2K16 is going to be better than expected or are WWE fans going to be disappointed?

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