Bad Comic Book Covers – Savage Dragon #201 2015

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The focus turns to Image Comics.

Our attention was drawn to Savage Dragon #201 2015 with the cover created by the talented Erik Larsen.

Normally we focus on covered where there are plenty of issues with it. This time it was a bit different. We found a cover where the few mistakes made definitely stuck out to us and made us choose it.

Here is the cover we are going to discuss. 

Savage Dragon #201 2015

The biggest overall issue we have with the Savage Dragon cover is the depth of perception mixed with the position of the body.

While we know he should be getting kicked in the face, it looks like she is coming at him butt first. Honestly we are not even sure how she managed to land a kick on him.

What is she using in her hair to keep it so straight?

Also, the with position of her left leg, Dragon’s right arm looks shorter than normal.

In the end, this cover bugs us but not to the point where we would not pick it up. There might be more here, but wanted to let you share in the dissection. 

What do you think of the Savage Dragon #201 2015 cover?

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