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Schitt’s Creek Pop Figures Coming Soon

Schitt's Creek Pop Figures

When the wealthy need to adjust to a life without money and with each other.

Funko is expanding on their expansive market by the creation of the Schitt’s Creek Pop figures that will be adoring shelves everywhere.

The Pop Television line by Funko can be a hit or miss venture. Sometimes they nail it with Stranger Things. Other times, they miss the boat like the time for Doctor Who, specifically the 13th Doctor. 

The following figures will be included in this set.

  • Johnny 
  • Moira
  • David Rose
  • David Rose with Mop  **Chase Variant
  • Alexis

Here are a few images of the Schitt’s Creek figures.

Though we are not a fan of the show, we can share our thoughts on the Pop figures. Overall this is a decent representation of the chosen characters, We can see why they selected David Rose as the Chase. We are not sure if there is a better choice for this. Let us know if we are wrong. 

On the downside, you can only pre-order the Pop Figures through Amazon. While we can not deny the presence of Amazon, it does take away some of the fun of trying to locate the Chase variants in the wild.

As of today, there is no set date for when they will be released. 

Would you consider picking up any of the Schitt’s Creek Pop Figures?

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