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Sea of Thieves Review: Worth It’s Weight in Gold

Sea of Thieves Review

Argh it is fun to be a pirate.

Rare combined with Microsoft Studios may have released this game early in 2018 but it is never to late for our Sea of Thieves review.

Sometimes we are on top of things, like Kirby Star Allies, other times we are not. This is one of those examples. Coming late to the party can have it’s benefits.

JG13 Gamer has been a big fan of the multiplayer open world game since playing it and wanted to share his thoughts in our Sea of Thieves review.

For starters, we enjoy the graphics of the game. Everything from the setting to the characters themselves make Sea of Thieves a captivating game.

We also like the new updates they have done, like the Devil’s Roar. The areas are interesting to exploring. Sure it can be aggravating due to the volcanoes, but rewarding with the higher loot chests.

Since there is world PVP, we feel the game definitely benefits by not having any weapon or character specific bonuses. It is based more on the player skill.

There are a few downside to the game.

One of which has been the lack of content at the initial release date. Whether it was special bosses or missions, it felt like the game was released in it’s very basic state.

Since then, they have released several DLCs and other events to where this has been adjusted. Even better, they did not opt to charge their customers. Maybe this was their strategy from the start, but for now it seemed to work its self out.

Another issue was the lack of drops from the Meg or the Kraken. It is quite the task of taking on these mammoth monsters. After the adrenaline rush is over, you are left with a bit of an empty heart and chest when you see there is no loot. Sure they had some for the Meg during the special event but that is gone now.

This was correct with the Shrouded Spoils update. They do give out loot now, but it is stuff you can find doing various quests and it is nothing unique.

Overall, Rare did a solid job with Sea of Thieves,an d is worthwhile to pick up at this stage in the game.

Let us know what your own Sea of Thieves review is.

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