Season 3 Rick and Morty Pop Figures Coming in February

Rick and Morty Pop Figures

You can never get enough of Rick and Morty.

Funko agrees and are creating a new Rick and Morty Pop Figures line featuring some memorable moments from Season 3.

We have previously covered Pop Figures from other animated shows, like Batman the Animate Series and Naruto Shippuden. This made us curious to see how these figures would show up.

The series is going to contain the following figures.

  • Prison Break Rick
  • Sentinent Arm Morty
  • Bloody Arm Sentinent Arm Morty **Chase Variant
  • Warrior Summer
  • Hemmorrhage
  • Rick Facehugger **Exclusive at Gamestop

Here are the images of the Rick and Morty Pop Figures courtesy of Funko.


We have not gotten on the Rick and Morty bandwagon yet but are impressed with the figures. If we had to choose our favorites, it would be Hemorrhage and Rick Facehugger.

You can expect to see these figures on the shelves February 2018.

Which of the Rick and Morty Pop Figures are you going to collect?

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