Seastead by Wizkids Coming Soon

Battles on the sea that will test your mettle.

Wizkids announced they will be releasing Seastead, a follow-up to Flotilla that will be sure to challenge your ability to enable the survival of humanity.

We have been a huge fan of Wizkids ever since we stumbled across their product. Whether it was a Dice Masters or a board game, they have a way with creating something special. We were even more intrigued with the new 2 player game they announced.

The game will feature the following.components, though there is a chance they may change. 

  • 24 buildings
  • 8 construction ships
  • 4 double-sided flotilla tiles
  • 4 demand tokens
  • 18 Resource cards
  • 35+ resource tokens
  • 15+ cleanup tokens
  • 12 dock tiles
  • 16 specialist cards
  • 16 decree cards



The game has you spending time diving for resources or build a building with said resources. It helps they created solid components to help keep you engaged on what is laid out before you. 

We love the chance of having a potential solo mode too in case the second player needs a break from losing. 

First glance, it appears there is a potential for replay ability with new strategies each time. 

The expected MSRP for the game is $29.99 and should be on shelves by later this year.

Would you consider picking up the Seastead board game.?

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