Shang-Chi Marvel Legends Figures Have Some Intrigue

Marvel Legends

Enter a new unexplored world.

As Marvel begins to ramp up their movies for 2021 some attention has been drawn by the Shang-Chi Marvel Legends Figure set soon to be released.

This time we dive into the Marvel universe centered around 

The following characters will be available in six inch figures.

Xia Ling
Civil Warrior with Shield
Death Dealer
Iron Man

Shang-Chi Marvel Legends

Hands down, our favorite character from the set, is the BAF Mr. Hyde. We just hope he is done his justice by being more imposing and larger than he looks in the images. 

Overall the rest of the figures look solid and on point, something we have come to expect from Hasbro. 

The figures should be out on the shelves in time for the release of the Marvel movie.

Do you have any desire to collect the figures from the Shang-Chi Marvel Legends set?

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