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Shazam Fury of the Gods: Swan Song for DCEU

Can Shazam Fury of the Gods make a statement?

Shazam Fury of the Gods opened this weekend and there is no denying the upcoming DCU changes has on the outcome.

Billy Batson and his family return in this sequel to the 2019 movie with higher stakes and new enemies. We did enjoy the first iteration of Shazam but had concerns about this one.

On to the movie without spoilers

The CGI earns a nod. Though there is nothing earth shattering, it shows the DC movies have a way of finding quality CGI in bright environments. We still don’t see why Shazam was effective with their use of lightening, while Black Adam made it look like a video game.

Also we enjoy seeing more monsters from Greek Mythology pop up toward the end.

One trend that carried on the first movie was the focus on Freddie over Billy Batson.

While it did not work around the first time, it did better this time around. We got to see more of what made him tick and how it helped with his character development.

On to the downside.

While the Daughters of Atlas were not part of the DC Comics world, they make an impact here. Most of it was good, except for their powers. The opening Act shows how they could use their powers. Something that changes later in the movie.

This along is to knock the villains down to the middle of the DCU tier list.

The plot is decent but as with any, there are some loop holes that felt like a miss. We were curious what things would have played out if we knew Shazam was continuing in the DCU world.

Overall, the movie is decent and feels on par with the first one. A step we had wished we saw changed.

There are two Post Credit scenes, something you can catch when streaming.,

Let us know what you thought of the Shazam Fury of the Gods.

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