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Shazam Review: Smart Move by DC

Shazam Review

My name is Shazam!

DC Comics reached back into the vaults for an unpopular character but will their move pay off in our Shazam review?

Aquaman gave us hope and early trailers of Shazam fueled the same feeling but as with anything we are wary of what DC has been putting out on the big screen.

Let’s start off our Shazam review with our favorite moments.

We love how we saw Billy develop during the course of the movie. You get the customary character growth with him learning his powers but also how he grows as a person.

Before seeing the movie, we knew some of the lore but not enough. It showed in the finale involving the his new family.

Sidenote: The movie Big reference was perfect.

There are some negatives with the movie.

One thing we did not like is a trend we saw early on in Marvel movies, less than memorable villains. Marc Strong is a good actor, but the overall character did not bring much to the table. Which is confusing considering the movie opens with him.

Another issue we had is the secondary characters, specially Freddie. Overall we like the concept of the character but at times it felt like we was trying to pull the audience’s attention away from the main characters.

In the end, this is not a movie you need to see in the theaters. But it is one you should definitely take the time to check out.

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