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Shin Godzilla Review: Still King of the Monsters

Shin Godzilla Figure

You might think if you have seen one Godzilla movie, you have seen them all. You would be wrong.

The US release of Shin Godzilla occurred this week and JG13 Gamer and I had a chance to see how the newest version stacked up.

We may not be the biggest fans of the King of the Monsters, but we know a few things. We do own a few of the classic movies and had a chance to attend G-Fest last year.

So forgive us if we missed out on some of the finer points in our review of Shin Godzilla.

The plot of the movie is simple in premise but goes beyond the normal giant monster or kaiju destroying the city.

Do not expect the same type of movie like the most recent US Godzilla movie or Zilla from 1998.

Sure you get to see Godzilla destroy the city but there is more. You get to see a more behind the scenes of what is going on in the city as they come to learn about Godzilla.

There is solid character development for some of the characters and their stories draw you in. Especially seeing more of their culture at work.

There were a few comical moments in the movie with the CGI. Most of them came early on when Godzilla was evolving. We loved the concept behind it, but there was something about the fish eyes. They did not sit well with us.

We kept an open mind going in to see this newest Godzilla reincarnation. We ere certainly not disappointed. The movie was left with a viable reason for sequels, but we could see it stopping right here.

If Shin Godzilla is playing in your area, it would be worth your time to check it out.



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