Shoal of Fish Review

Shoal of Fish

Hard to say no when sharks are involved.

Crazy Labs by TabTales developed Shoal of Fish and we were more than surprised with what came out of it.

There are certain themes in mobile games that capture our attention. Godzilla or sharks. 

Go fish for food as a hungry shark swimming in a shoal of fish. Swim in and catch all the fish you can think of. Take control of a predator hungry shark and hunt for your next prey. 


Hands down we are in love with the aesthetics of the game. The soft coloring and the simple design of the fish gives the game a reflexing feel. Also it is enjoyable steering your shark around to gobble up the fish. 

If you are looking for an intense involved game, this one is not for you and might find yourself board. 

In the end, the game is enough to keep your attention in small spurts. Even better it is not overly stressing. 

We would definitely recommend picking it up at Google Play or the Apple store. 

If you had a chance to try out Shoal of Fish, let us know what you thought.

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