Should We Be Excited a New JLA Animated Series is Coming?

A JLA poster was seen inside Warner Bros Studios,starting  rumors about a new JLA animated series coming in 2016 to Cartoon Network. The big question remains, should we be excited for this?

Let us not forget, Cartoon Network previously had a JLA animated series from 2001 to 2004 that was based on the characters created by DC Comics. To say the series was popular among fans would be an understatement.

With the Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice right around the corner, bringing a new JLA animated series back would make sense.

The problem is the track record how super hero shows have been treated by the network. The perfect example is what transpired with Teen Titans and Young Justice. The popular shows captured fans of all ages with a solid mix of drama and action.

Young Justice was canceled outright while Teen Titans shifted to Teen Titans Go, a shell of its former self.

If Warner Bros is smart, they will bring the right edge to Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and company rather than make the new series a shell of it’s former self

Let us know if you think a new JLA animated series is a good idea or bad one.

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