Sides Chosen for Captain America: Civil War

Marvel fans have been wondering where their favorite Avengers would end up and it looks like we have sides chosen for Captain America: Civil War thanks to Jeremy Renner.

In case you were not aware, the general premise of the third Captain America movie is a tragic event will take place, resulting in the government setting up a Registration Act for all super heroes.

A split occurs between the Avengers and lines are divided as Iron Man supports the act and Captain America is against this.

The following heroes will be in line to support Iron Man; War Machine, Black Widow, Vision, and Black Panther.

The lineup is impressive and suits the tech wiz Stark. It makes sense for the majority of the heroes teaming up with Iron Man, though we are curious behind the reasoning for Black Widow.

Steve Rogers’ fans should not fret as he has plenty of capable heroes backing him. There will be Ant Man, Hawkeye, Winter Solider, Falcon, and Agent 13. They should give Captain’s side a fighting chance.

Sadly Hulk is missing from this, but we do hope to see him return in a follow-up Avengers movie.

Do you think the sides chosen for Captain America: Civil War are right or do you think they should have gone a different way?

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