Skylander Customization: Blood Knight Ignitor

Skylander Ignitor

Yes, in case you haven’t guessed, Power Boy is excited for Skylanders Swap Force.

To kill the time until October 13th, he decided it was time to do some customization work on the Skylanders he has duplicates of.

The first one up is Ignitor. While he enjoys the color scheme of him, Power Boy thought it was time for a change for one of our favorite Fire elements.

Skylander Blood Knight Ignitor

Here is a brief introduction of our customization., Blood Knight Ignitor.

Ignitor was in a battle with some Trolls when a dark shadow snuck up on him.

When Ignitor slayed it, he found out it was a dreaded Blood Shadow. It’s essence sprayed over his armor and began to meld with it at the core. It went even so far as to combining with this fire element.

Despite the new look and his inability to remove it, Ignitor still remains good and fights against the villains of Chaos.

We decided to use a crimson red over the blue paint on Ignitor’s armor.  We also added some more paint to his flames to give it a bigger affect.

If you had a chance to customize him, is there anything you would do different?

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