Skylander Customization: Legendary Wrecking Ball

Skylander Wrecking Ball

Power Boy and I had so much fun coming up with our last customization Blood Knight Ignitor, we decided that we had to do another one.

But who should we transform?

Eventually we made the decision to tackle Power Boy’s all-time favorite Skylander, Wrecking Ball.

It did not take Power Boy long to decide how he wanted to customize him.

It was time to make him Legendary Wrecking Ball.

Legendary Wrecking Balls

In order to make this transformation happen, Power Boy and I opted to use a dark blue and gold paint.

Even though the color scheme was even to select, we had a hard time trying to decide what should be painted and what should be left alone.

We ended up using the dark blue to paint the upper part of Wrecking Ball and the gold paint over the nubs on Wrecking Ball’s upper shell and his legs. Power Boy thought this would add something different from the other Legendary characters.

Is there anything else you would do to make this transformation?

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