Skylander Customization: Lemon Lime Pop Fizz

We have been busy with our Skylanders Customization and wanted to share with you our newest creation Lemon Lime Pop Fizz.

By far, this was the toughest Skylander Customization in terns of deciding which direction to go. For starters, we have four different versions of Pop Fizz. We have Series 1 Pop Fizz, Series 2 Pop Fizz, Punch Pop Fizz, and Love Potion Pop Fizz.

In the past we created Crush Pop Fizz and we thought this was a chance to create something unique. We decided to stick with the soda theme but had too many choices.

We went with the neon green to make Pop Fizz stand out more instead of going with something darker. The touch of red around his face really makes those eyes stand out.

Let us know what you think and what you would have done differently.

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