Skylander Customization: Samurai Chop Chop

We have decided to continue with our Skylander customizations by adding a Samurai Chop Chop to our Skylander collection.

Since Power Boy picked up Elite Chop Chop, we had an extra one to spare, which is perfect for customization. We decided to alter the Series 1 Chop Chop and follow what we did with Samurai Stealth Elf.

To create our customization of Samurai Chop Chop, we decided to use a dark red as the primary color of his uniform. For the trim, we went with gold to give it some good contrast.

We were torn on what to do with his sword and ended up opting to leave it as it. We think it gives an excellent contrast

Let us know what you think of our Samurai Chop Chop and if there is anything else you would have done.

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