Skylander Giant Scarlet Ninjini Found at Target

Skylander Giant Scarlet Ninjini

Last night Power Boy and I visited our local Target with the hopes of picking up some cheap Ben 10 action figures.

While we struck out there, we did come across one of the rare Skylander Giants we have yet to see in store.

The Scarlet Ninjini.

Power boy did try his best to get me to pick it up for him, but we did end our Skylander hunts at the beginning of this month. He even tried to convince me Magnificent Mom wanted to add this to her collection. In reality she prefers the regular Ninjini because of the purple outfit.

I did bend a little, saying if he had it on his birthday wish list, he could get it.

If you are still looking for it, take a chance and visit your area Target store.

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