Skylander Giant Sidekicks Will be Released by Frito lay

Skylander Giant Sidekicks

Frito Lay has decided to follow-up to the successful Skylander sidekick promotion with a Skylander Giant Sidekicks. The four figure sidekick set will feature the following.

Barkley, Thumpling, Mini-Jini, and Eye-Small.

Power Boy prefers Eye-Small while I am digging Thumpling. Which one would be your favorite?

So far we have no confirmed date on when it will be released but we are guessing sometime in April or May. We will let you know when we find the Frito Lay packages in stores.

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13 thoughts on “Skylander Giant Sidekicks Will be Released by Frito lay

  1. I’m curious what your source was, specifically, how do you know the promotion will be through Frito-Lay? Gamestop currently has last year’s sidekicks available as a promotion (spend $20, get a free Sidekick – same ones Frito Lay offered last year). I saw a screen shot (easy enough to fake, I know) that showed Gamestop was offering the Giant Sidekicks, spend $30, get one free… the kids REALLY want these – trying to be proactive! Any response appreciated. Thanks!

    1. I completely know what you mean. An acquaintance of ours who has connections in the video game world passed along this tidbit of information about the sidekicks. Though from what I see, I am guessing it won’t be until the end of May or June. Might help Frito Lay with their sales since school will be out soon.

      I know my son has been itching for these as well. You can be sure we will post them when we see them in the stores.

  2. If anything, I’d imagine they’d be JUST like the 1st Skylanders sidekicks promo as far as timeframe … Starting early July and ending the 1st week of September.

    Just an educated guess…nothing more

  3. I just bought some of these packages yesterday at my HEB but when I went to order the website says JUNE 30.
    Last year I bought these specially marked packages of 20 mini chips at Walmart but I don’t believe I saw them until late summer almost closer to August.
    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and happy skylander hunting!

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