Skylander Giants: Double Trouble

The Skylander Giant craze has continued to run through the house. Power Boy has made the decision he wanted to close out the Magic Elemental group first, which means he needed two more characters.

The one he wanted to add to the group was Double Trouble.

Over all, Power Boy likes him and says he is his second favorite character from the Elemental group aside from Wrecking Ball.

He loves the new weapon and the detail they put on the Series 2 figure, including the mini-Double Trouble figure.

The one thing Power Boy does not like is the game play when it comes to using his ability Summon Magic Bomb. He feels like the delay in action is too long.

Overall he is pleased with Double Trouble and is glad he was able to pick him up.

When it comes time to selecting a path, we recommend the Conjuror path to use in defeating Kaos.

Toy Locker Rating – $$$$ out of $$$$$

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