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Skylander Giants Has Arrived

Skylander Giant Legendary Bouncer

Even if you did not hear about the first Skylanders game, you are sure to have seen the second edition, Skylanders Giant.

Today was the release day for what is sure to be at the top of just about an video gamer’s Christmas list.

My son and I visited our local Toys’r’us store and managed to pick up two of the newest Skylanders to join the team.

First, we decided to snag a second giant Skylander to go along with Tree-Rex.

My son liked Bouncer and Swarm, but fell in love with the Legendary Bouncer who is an exclusive for Toys’r’Us. The dark blue & gold colors make the figure look sharp compared to the normal model. Besides how can you say no to robots with fingers that shoot laser.

And you know it is hard to only grab one?

And the one we went with was Pop Fizz. While he might look cute,

Skylander Pop Fizz

it all changes when he takes a drink from his potion. Then he turned into a hulking beast who tears through things in his path.

While we do not have the intention of getting every other Skylander figure they put out, since it is mucho money, there are a few more who we are considering.

Terrorfin is now sold in the single pack for the Skylander Giant series and Toys’r’Us has a three pack of Legendary, consisting of Jet Vac, Ignitor, and Slam Bam.

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