Skylander Giants Scorpion Stryker Battle Pack

Skylander Giants Scorpion Stryker Battle Pack

We managed to pick up the Skylanders Giants Scorpion Stryker Battle Pack, thanks to the pre-order gift Power Boy received for Christmas.

While it did take a few extra days than originally expected, we were not disappointed when we tested out our new characters, Hot Dog, Zap, and the new Catapult weapon.

Power Boy opted to play Hot Dog while I gave Zap a whirl. We both enjoyed the game play of the characters and found they were a perfect combination. Especially if you use Zap’s slime to stick the enemies in place and follow it with a Wall of Fire from Hot Dog.

There are two new battle arena released when you place the Catapult weapon on the portal; Metal Hive & Cliff Dive Crags. As an added bonus, the ball of the Catapult lights up when on the portal.

We had a balst with Zap and Hot Dog and had no problem running through the enemies in Skylander Giants. Though we thoroughly enjoyed the two characters, we feel the catapult could have been replaced with another character release.

Bad news for the folks who did not pre-order at Gamestop. It looks they only sent out enough to cover the orders and wait on sending the rest until the official release.

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