Skylander Swap Force Coming Fall 2013

Skylander Swap Force Countdown

We all knew a new Skylander game was going to be released in the Fall 2013 and we received confirmation this week when Skylander Swap Force was introduced.

These are some of the things to expect from the new game.
– 16 Mix & Match Swap Force Skylanders
– 16 Series 3 reposed figures
– 16 New Core Skylanders
– 8 New Light Core Skylanders

But what does this mean for us?

The upside we see is the ability to have the new Swap Force figures go along way. Think about it, if you have 3 of these characters, it will result in 9 different combinations.

Another upside is we are going to finally be able to have our characters jump. While it did not bother Power Boy too much, it drove me crazy at times.

The few downsides we see now is the need to buy a new portal of power and of course more money spent on the figures. But that has to be expected with the Skylanders franchise.

Here is the teaser trailer for Skylander Swap Force.

So right now we have to say we are pretty excited for the new game. Are you excited for this as well or burned out?

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