Skylander Swap Force Countdown – Day 3


One of things Power Boy and I are most excited for with the new Skylander Swap Force game is the new swappable characters. After spending a considerable amount of time pouring over the new characters, we have found two characters we are most excited for.

Nitro Magna Charge

The first one on Power Boy’s list is Blastzone, specifically Dark Blastzone since we are getting the special starter pack from Game Stop.

Another swappable character he is looking forward to is Nitro Magna Charge.

Rattle Shake

Since he is in an exclusive Target two figure package, it works out that it includes one of the swappable characters I am most excited for, Rattle Shake. I mean, how could you not love a Snake Cowboy.


That leads me to my final choice, Stinkbomb. I must say, at first I was not impressed with him, but I have become a bigger fan thanks to the game play review.

Which swappable characters are you most excited for?

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