Skylander Swap Force Pre-Order is Available

Skylanders Swap Force

We knew the day would finally come and the wait is over. Fans of Skylander Giants are now able pre-order Skylander Swap Force.

The going price for the new starter kit is $74.99.This will give you the game, a new portal of power, along with Ninja Stealth Elf, Washbuckler, and Blast Zone.

Also, every pre-order is going to receive a exclusive light core Hex. Yes, the one figure we did not see on the shelves since the release of Skylanders Giant.

This pre-order bonus is the same no matter where you buy it; from Amazon to Target. Personally we are going to pick it up at Walmart because Power Boy wants to do a midnight release party.

You can find out more checking out the official Skylander Swap Force pageand we will be counting down the days until October 13th when it is released.

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