Skylander Swap Force Target Exclusive Packs

Skylander Swap Force Nitro Magna Chage & Rattle Shake

We have spent the last two days scouring the Internet to see what exclusive Skylander Swap Force characters will be available in two weeks.

We lucked out when we stumbled across We found the Target exclusive Nitro Magna Charge in two different packs.

Skylander Swap Force Nitro Magna Charge & Free Ranger

One with the Rattle Shake from the Undead element and the other pack featured him with  Free Ranger.

Right now it doesn’t look like Target is going to sell Nitro Magna Charge separately.

So you will need to plop down $28 to pick up one of these two.

Right now we are leaning to the Nitro Magna Charge / Rattle Shake combination.

Is there anyone else you would rather see paired with Nitro Magna Charge?

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