Skylander Trap Team Dark Edition Has Been Announced

Though we did not hear anything when we originally discussed our best option for preorder, we hoped there would be more.

It is official, there will be a Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition available to preorder.

The set will include dark editions of Wildfire, Foodfight and Snapshot. We must say all of the characters look awesome.

Also, in addition to two traps, you get a Kaos trap. The word is this Kaos trap is slightly bigger. While this is not a deal clincher for us, it doesn’t hurt.

Right now, Toys’R’Us has the pre-order link up for the WiiU but according to CoinOpTV, it is going to be released for all platforms.

So are you going to spend the extra $25 to pick this up or stick with the original pack?

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