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Skylanders Imaginators: Battle Classes

Skylanders Imaginators

Skylanders Imaginators will be here before you know it so it is time to start learning about one of the main new features of this sixth installment.

The announcement of the Battle Classes for Skylanders Imaginators caught our attention and has us coming back after a disappointing Super Chargers.

For starters, we are able to create our own Skylanders. On top of it we like the ability to unlock secret techniques for each class by either a Sensei or the Doomlander of the same Battle Class.

All of these Battle Classes are not official for Skylanders Imaginators, but are based on speculation from the characters we see are being released. We will continue to update as more information is released.


These melee characters focus on using their fists, enhanced with their reflexes. They do not use weapons per-sea but items like brass knuckles and gauntlets. The known Sensei figures, King Pen and Crash Bandicoot. This class seems intriguing, especially when it comes to attacks that cause waves of energy,


The magic casters of Skylands will stop their enemies by slinging spells or using enchanted wards and staves. Golden Queen and Mysticat are the known Sensei for this class. This might be my class of choice as it has been a personal favorite.


The title of this Battle class does not leave room for error. Here you can expect large weapons to be used for massive amounts of damage. Pain-Yatta and Chopscotch are a few of the Senseis we know about. Not much is known about their secret techniques, but we are guessing it will be something to help close the distance.


This class will be proficient with the bow and be able to take out their enemies from a distance. One of the know Sensei for this class is Wolfgang. One of the secret techniques which seems the most intriguing is Knockback Shot since it will help with some separation from the enemy.


The Battle class will feature characters who have a knack with the slashing weapons. The Sensei associated with this class is Ambush. While the majority of the techniques are been there and done that, we do like the Ground Stab as it knocks down your opponents.


One weapon is never enough for characters of this class as they prefer to dual-wield their ranged weapons. Dr. Krankcase is tied to this one as a Sensei character. This one has a lot of potential with techniques like Charge Shot and Gunslinging it.


Sure polearms and staves may not appear to be the best weapon choices, but have the potential to be one of the best classes in the game. One of the coolest Senseis, Hood Sickle, is attached to this Battle Class.  The name of the game is crowd control and they have the secret techniques to do it.


This ranged class will focus on projectiles has us scratching our head. We do like the Sensei Tae Kwon Crow and Starcast, we are not sure how beneficial their techniques will be. Also the class is restricted from using Chest pieces.


If you want to blow things up with your projectile weapon, this is going to be the right class for you. Sensei’s Chompy Mage and Flarewolf will teach your Skylander how to cause even more destruction.


The last battle class we are going to discuss has the chance to be one of our favorite. The dual wielders will be quick on their feet and just as quick with their weapons. Two of the known Sensei are Aurora and Bad Juju.

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Based on what you have seen, which Battle Class are you leaning towards trying out first.

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