Skylanders Imaginators Blaster-Tron Unboxing


The final wave of Skylanders Imaginators is being released and it contains one of the most anticipated ones for us.

Skylanders Trap Team has us excited from day one but one of the villains stood out above the rest, Blaster-tron.

To say we were thrilled to learn we would be able to play him, would be an understatement.

We have previously covered Imaginators like Mystical Tae Kwon Crow or Mystical Bad Juju, but we have been waiting for this Sensei.

Though we were a bit disappointed to learn he would not have a ranged weapon. It was short lived when we picked him up the other day at Target.

He has been a blast to play and has injected a much needed boost into the game for us. We are going to toy around with some game play videos of him.

Until then, here is the video JG13 Gamer put together for unboxing Blaster-Tron.

Let us know if Blaster-Tron is one of your favorite Skylanders Imaginators Sensei.

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