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Can Skylanders Imaginators Help the Franchise Rebound

Skylanders Imaginators

The sixth game in the Skylanders franchise has the weight of the video game series on it’s shoulder.

Is there enough in Skylanders Imaginators to change the direction Superchargers was taking the series and help give the franchise a chance to rebound in the right direction?

In this game, Kaos is  back and has unleashed the power of the Mind Magic in Skylands. He created an unstoppable army of Doomlanders to take control.

It is up to the Portal Master to work with the greatest mystic warrior Senseis and create their own Skylanders to help defeat Kaos.

Right off the bat, the best thing we love about the new game is the ability to create your own Skylanders with the crystals. You get to choose everything, from the Battle Class to the catch phrase of your character. This is something we always felt should have been in the game since the beginning.

Another big plus for us was the return of the Villains. While we did not get to see all of them brought out in character form, they do have a few of our favorites, like Blaster Tron.

Despite this, there are some negatives things about this game.

For starters, if you want to pick up every new figure and a crystal for each class, then the game is going to cost you more. We are not asking for you to be able to save the character on the console to bring them back later. We would love the ability to wipe the character completely from the crystal.

Also, we do love the seeing Kaos as the bad guy but it would be nice to see one of the games to shift it to a villain who might present more of a danger or change of plan.

Overall, the newest edition to the franchise is above average and showed fans any game can be a success with a few well-placed ideas.

If you were previously a fan of the Skylanders games, then you should add this to your collection. Non-Skylanders fans could find some fun in it but may not appreciate it as much.

What do you think of Skylanders Imaginators?


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