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Skylanders Imaginators Probably Will Cost You More

Skylanders Imaginators

The release of Skylanders Imaginators is right around the corner and we hoped you saved your money for this newest game.

Skylanders Imaginators is the sixth installment in the franchise and while fans know they will need extra money to collect all of the figures, the cost appears to be even higher this time around.

We have previously discussed our thoughts on the latest Skylander version, but thanks to Game Informer we are a bit more worried.

The new character customization is what has us worried.

See when you begin the customization process at one point you will need to select one of the ten classes.  The problem is the moment you do this, the class will be locked to the crystal.

The problem with this means you will have to buy plenty crystals because you will probably want at least one of each element and one of each class.

But things do not stop there.

If you want to fully unlock their potential, you will need to pickup the Sensei. By doing so, you will increase the Imaginators cap by one and unlock a unique talent for the class. This means you will need to have two Sensei for each element to make sure you can unlock both moves.

On top of it, there is no way for you to be able to play around with the different skills to see what would work best. Essentially you are taking a shot in the dark and hoping you are going to like the decisions you make.

Otherwise you are plopping down another ten bucks to grab another crystal. Maybe this will change down the road, we can only hope. Otherwise they could be making a decision that could sink the franchise.

Skylanders Imaginators Crystals

The release date for this newest Skylanders game is October 16th.

Do you think we are worrying to much about this or is Skylanders Imaginators going in the wrong direction?

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